ScreenPoint Medical BV


ScreenPoint Medical BV develops deep learning and image analysis technology for automated reading of mammograms and digital breast tomosynthesis. The company is a spin-off from the Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands and was founded by Michael Brady(Chairman) and Nico Karssemeijer (CEO) in May 2014. Products & Services ScreenPoint’s Transpara™ is an image analytics software for mammograms offering decision support and pre-screening solutions for radiologist and screening organizations. Transpara™ is built on deep learning algorithms. Transpara™ Decision Support provides calcification CAD marks that can be viewed on both the mammography reading station and the Transpara™ Tablet Viewer. While calcifications are marked as in regular CAD systems, no mass marks are shown. Instead, the reader can probe suspicious image regions for decision support. With this approach, information is provided when needed, and does not confront radiologists with unexpected false alarms. The software correlates MLO and CC views when abnormalities are visible in both views. Transpara™ Decision Support also provides predictive values of the ratings provided at the probed locations. Marks at locations that are not probed remain hidden. Transpara™ Pre-Screening automatically selects a large fraction of screening mammograms of women that are highly unlikely to have cancer. Healthcare providers can save costs when these pre-selected mammograms are read by one reader only instead of two, while more attention can be given to exams with a high likelihood of cancer to improve quality.

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